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The spring water that we are utilizing comes
from Canadian underground sources where
it flows from confined aquifers


The adult body consists of 60% water and the body of a newborn is 75% water. What’s more, the water in our bodies must be replenished daily. Given that our bodies use 2.5L of water a day it is of utmost importance to consume water in large quantities and on a regular basis. Natural Spring Water contains nutrients that are essential to the proper development of the human body.

Water that flows in the ground is enriched with mineral salts, calcium and other nutrients necessary for our system to perform at its peak. As a matter of fact, there is no source that disputes the benefits and the virtues of water. No wonder doctors recommend we consume eight glasses of pure, clean water – each and every day.


Our water is clean and compliant with all provincial and federal regulations on bottled water. Intensives analysis are performed by laboratory technicians of our suppliers and by third party laboratories to guarantee its compliance.



It is reassuring to know that spring water is the most controlled food product in the world. All the analysis and certifications assure you that you drink water as fresh as directly from the source and they also guarantee the stability of the product’s quality. In addition, to obtain the appellation “spring water”, the water needs to come from a real natural source, protected and controlled, that has never been contaminated or polluted and that it never received any treatments.


All bottled waters are controlled by the food ministry, thereby, all spring water entering plants need to comply with rigorous norms of the food industry and to the best manufacturing practices enforced by Health Canada.

We offer you a product of top quality, good for your health and rigorously analyzed for your peace of mind.



For a more classical touch, we now offer you the glass personalized water bottles. Available in 355mL and 750mL.